Free Drupal 8 themes overview


Drupal 8 already has list of modules that allow you to stamp little companies sites.
Free Drupal 8 themes are useful if you have an experience in layout coding. Just a few steps is a distance to a good company site on Drupal 8.

Why Drupal? Features That Developer And Customer Need to Know


CMS Drupal is a multifunctional open source content management system. Drupal is translated into 110 languages, you can select your site language during installation. Advantages of CMS Drupal based on a convenient site management, updating, development. Using Drupal and studying functions of a kernel, additional modules and API-functions developer can deploy projects with individual features. Development with Drupal gives fast results for small projects and powerful interface when dealing with complex projects.

How you can create own theme on Drupal 8

Difficulty level: 

The most stable theme for Drupal 8 at this time is Bartik. Site works fine with Bartik, although it is possible to improve its appearance and optimize it deleting unnecessary files and scripts. But it is not a good idea to edit Bartik and other core files, this is why you need to copy it and create a new theme.

Clone of Bartik for Drupal 8 is Thisis, download here: https://www.drupal.org/sandbox/tlito/2611000

How to create own theme by copying Bartik:

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