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Language Switcher: languages link to the main page of the language or translation of current page if there is

Multilingual website Internationalization module and possibly the Entity Translation necessarily have transition to block language versions. This block usually create module Language Switcher add-in or over it-Language Switcher module Dropdown. In these two cases, the links to the translations work differently, to do as you have to allow the hook.

Translated form russian by Bing Translator.

Redirect after registration. Show your page after user's registration

Drupal message like "Check your mail.." on the home page - this is not the best way to inform the user that he has successfully registered and has to check e-mail.
Next hook shows the node number 76 after the registration, but do not show if administrator or editor create new account.
If you have a multilingual site and the material translated into languages, Drupal automatically selects the language translation for the current user's language (the language test is not needed, supported by Drupal).

My module colorbox_node_view_link Quick view materials in a Colorbox popup window

When you need to view some nodes, pages in pop-up window, the module Colorbox Node helps. If you want to add a button "Quick view" to the teasers use this hook_node_view().
This module adds a link with class "colorbox-node" to the teasers of certain types. Result site visitors will work with your site faster and more convenient. Popup window is pretty, quick and beautifull.

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