Drupal Modules


Adavnced module that helps to translate Drupal site to the different language. i18n - is a packege with several modules that works with different entities, have additional functions to activate or not if not need.
Interantionalization works with nodes, lables, taxonomy terms, menus, strings and even variables.
Also there are many oter modules that expand possibilities of Internationalization and can translate paths, Views or Profiles.

Language Switcher Dropdown

Modifies the normal links in the language selection block in the drop-down menu. Can be used with the module Language Icons, then in the drop-down menu will not only names or language codes, but also flags that very clearly.

Colorbox Node

Easily view the materials in a popup window. For the effect of the link should have a class colorbox-node. That is, the module is not enough to enable and configure in admin panel. It should also be done manually by reference to such a class: to theme or desired links, adding a class, or to add a JS-script that opens all links Colorbox Node (which is rare).

ImageCache Actions

Module adds functions for image editing to Configuration - Image Styles. Contain several modules that allow you reach possibilities:

  • change file format (png to jpg, jpg to png, gif etc)
  • watermarks,
  • image border for any color,
  • canvas,
  • image border-radius,
  • scale, crop,
  • optimizing and quality changes...

Module is very important for image optimization.


Very simple way to add function private messages to your site. This module has no AJAX, but you can try to use it with Node.js or others.